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Holiday Yay!
A very Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and to those who don't...well....a very merry December 25th to you!  Big holiday hugs to all!

In The Lost and Found (1/1)

Earlier this afternoon, I completed and posted a fic for the then_theres_us challenge called Five Ways to Lose Your Path On An Alternate Earth (And One Way To Find It).  The first segment, however, was originally a lot longer--so long that it completely threw off the balance of the fic.  But since I like it, here's the unedited first segment:



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Cooooooold. And odd feelings about my former place of employment.Collapse )

This fic stuff, I am out of practice on it.Collapse )

19: A New Resolution, Small but Amusing Fires, and "Soul Food", a ficlet
Shadow whines a little...Collapse )

...and recounts a mildly amusing RL ramble.Collapse )

'TL;DR You said there'd be fic!' Hint: it's under here.Collapse )

I am a moron and somebody should smack me upside the head really, really hard.

My grandmother just called and reminded me that I COMPLETELY forgot my dad's birthday.  Which may not seem like all that big a deal, but I feel AWFUL about it.  Like, yelling at myself on LiveJournal bad about it.  I do not even know what I'm gonna do about this--it totally makes it worse that he was with two of my siblings getting the family baby moved into college this weekend. 

Ugh, I feel REALLY bad about myself right now, and I'm trying really hard to think of something to say that will keep me from hurting feelings.  I don't want to say "I forgot" because while it's true, it implies I don't care enough to remember and that's just not true!  I just...didn't realize what time of the month it was, honestly.  :(

Worth the crispy
So yesterday, for the first time ever, I had a surprise pre-birthday party.

And it was GREAT.

Spent all day on the beach, roasted hot dogs and smores over the fire pit, got my butt kicked by some pretty huge was fantastic!  And I missed a few spots with the sunscreen, so I now have funny-shaped bright red patches on my right arm and back (you can actually see three white finger marks where the sunscreen stops) but whatever, totally worth it!

I just can't stop squeeing, nobody's ever thrown me a party before!  :D

If I Can't Love Her 3/3 (AU Nine/Rose, PG-13, 9748 words)


*Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong*Collapse )

If I Can't Love Her 2/3 (AU Nine/Rose, PG-13, 9748 words)


*Barely even friends, then somebody bends*Collapse )

If I Can't Love Her 1/3 (AU Nine/Rose, PG-13, 9748 words)

Summary:  Once upon a time, in a mighty island Kingdom, a scarred and lost survivor of the Time War waited alone to die…until one day a London Beauty stumbled on his magical ship.

Oi!" he snarled impatiently.  "Are you deaf or just daft?  I asked you a question!"  stepped forward threateningly, coming out of the shadows into the dim turquoise light generated from the broken crystal column.

Rose sucked in a long breath as the man revealed himself.  His face…oh God, his face!  It was horrifically scarred, like the flesh had melted and run down his bones. 





*Tale as old as Time, true as it can be*Collapse )

Hey, guys, would anybody be willing to quick-beta an AU Nine/Rose fic for me?  Just under 10000 words, and don't need much, just a check for fluidity and IC-ness.  (I've never written Nine before, and angst isn't so much my thing, so I'm a bit nervous.)  Going to bed now, but if anybody would be willing to take a look in the morning I pay well in Internet cookies.  :)  (Yes, there are chocolate chips.  Who'd ever want to go on the Net if it shunned chocolate chips?)


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