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Well, I SAID I wanted to see some snow while I was home.  And here at the Jersey Shore, BOY HAVE WE GOT SNOW.

Yeah, that's my grandmother's yardstick, buried 25 1/2 inches in the snow just outside the back porch.  (Which I had to shovel.  OUCH, ice crystals flying 50 mph into my face!)  And that's by no means the highest drift. 

I'm terribly excited, no sarcasm, I love snow!  Squee!  Tomorrow I shall go out and leap through it like a mad toddler.  :D

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Heheh, I bet we've got about half that, maybe a bit more.

It's a good thing I don't have my weekly appointment tomorrow. I doubt I'd make it there with the roads they way they would be tomorrow.

Have fun playing in the snow.

They're pretty ugly, yeah. They've been plowed, but all that's done is make a roadway of packed snow/ice. Doesn't matter though, really, since the snow outside the door is 34 inches at final count and I'm only 5'3". No way I'm getting anywhere!

Ha, thanks! Soon as I figure out how to get out in it, I will.

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