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The Absentminded....er....What Do I Do Again?

A Geekish and Ranty Life

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For All My Insanely Creative Fellow Writers
Five Reasons Pop Culture Is Run By Fanfiction

HA! We will be ruling the world by sundown!

(Okay, so the article is more "Five Reasons Why Fanfiction is a Completely Legitimate Medium," but nonetheless. I was tickled.)

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LOL That damn Crusher kid! (Wheeeatooooooon!!!)

My first thought when reading this, no lie, was, "OMG, maybe we can get Jessa writing for the BBC yet!"

Ugh, Stephanie Meyers, man. Let me tell you, when those books came out, I was working in the Children/Teens sections of my bookstore, and I read Twilight. I was actually okay with the first book. By book four, I was ready to tear my hair out. And it's so sad that she's so ridiculously popular, because there are GOOD teen series without half as much attention.

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